M&M's Neapolitan Blends Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Flavors

 - Feb 20, 2018
References: facebook & designtaxi
M&M's Neapolitan offers a new way for chocolate lovers to indulge in an ice cream-inspired treat that is less messy to eat than an actual frozen dessert. A pack of the M&M's is filled with the three colors to that make up a neapolitan ice cream, although the individual candies are said to contain "chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors in every piece."

The M&M's Neapolitan candies were initially only offered for a limited time in Australia, but the ice cream-inspired chocolate candies are now making their way to the United States.

The crossover product is one of many emerging food products that reinvents a familiar snack with a new colorway and flavor that is highly shareable.