'Mirrored Sight' is an Art and Architecture Project in Southern China

 - Dec 30, 2016
References: dezeen
Li Hao, a Chinese architect, built 'Mirrored Sight' as a hybrid project that stands as both a work of art and a work of architecture. The structure uses a pine scaffolding to hold up a series of bamboo walls and a gigantic series of plate glass mirrors. These mirrors face Longli, a historic Chinese town on the banks of the Longxi River, making a statement about reflexivity in the collective conscious understanding of history.

Mirrored Sight was inspired by the historical strife that Longli has faced. Six centuries ago, the Ming military invaded the town, causing its community to become completely separated from the neighbouring towns. To comment on this, Li Hao designed Mirrored Sight to have room inside it for just one person. Since the structure is on the far side of the river, it should isolate that person and mimic the feelings of the entire community.