BMC's 'Media Kiosk' Collects Data, Mobile Payments and More

BMC Universal Technologies (a branch of the Beaver Machine Corporation) is a 50-year-old company that's best known for producing the iconic red Beaver gumball machine—but now, it's keeping up with the times by introducing a high-tech Media Kiosk.

The Media Kiosk is designed to be like a high-tech vending machine, capable of handling mix-and-match selections, accepting mobile payments and collecting consumer data. With built-in software, the kiosk has the power to capture data such as facial response, age and demographic, and share this information remotely.

Beyond the controls on the forward-facing side of the Media Kiosk, there are also panels on the side that can be used to display on-brand photo, video and text content. As far as the applications for this smart kiosk, it has the potential to suit a wide range of industries, especially brands that sell candy.