The 'Skybird' Mall App Connects Retail Beacons Through a Singular App

 - Mar 8, 2016
One of the biggest hurdles for retailers when it comes to beacon technology is having consumers install the appropriate app, but the 'Skybird' mall app takes a different approach.

Implemented at the Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the app and beacon technology system consists of 300 Gimbal proximity beacons. From here, shoppers need only the 'Skybird' app to find deals from all the retailers in the shopping center.

The 'Skybird' mall app and the Baywest Mall example shows how a unified approach could be the most lucrative idea for retailers. Being that segmented beacons rely on consumers having multiple apps from multiple retailers installed, it can stand as a big obstacle to overcome. The new approach at the Baywest Mall could signify a distinct shift for future implementations of beacon technology.