The 'Lyft Amp' will Help Lyft Riders Find the Right Vehicle

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: blog.lyft & fastcodesign
In a move to position itself as the fun, carefree alternative to Uber on the rideshare scene, Lyft has introduce a piece of hardware called the Lyft Amp. Soon to be seen on the dashboards of every Lyft driver's vehicle, the Lyft Amp is an oval-shaped light that can glow in a variety of colors, lighting up the roads with Lyft's signature candy hues.

Beyond the pure aesthetic appeal, the Lyft Amps have a practical purpose. Many people who've used any rideshare app, be it Lyft or Uber or any other, have surely encountered the problem of accidentally hopping into someone else's ride (especially after a popular event like a concert or a game.) The Lyft Amps will communicate with users' apps to light up in a specific color, letting users know exactly which vehicle is theirs.