Volvo is Supporting Ocean Conservation by Recreating a Natural Environment

 - Jul 4, 2018
References: volvocars & prexamples
Marine habitats continue to be compromised by seawalls and plastic pollution, but Volvo is taking a stand for ocean conservation with its Living Seawall project.

Volvo's Living Seawalls are constructed from unique tiles made from 100% recycled plastic fibres that mimic the root structure of mangrove trees, which helps to recreate a natural ocean environment. This project aims to "give plastic a purpose" and help to filter pollutants, particles and metals from the ocean. Beyond the work it is doing with Living Seawalls around Sydney, Volvo hopes to further its efforts to protect the ocean in other cities around the world.

From clothing collections made from ocean plastic waste to movements to ban wasteful single-use straws, consumers are currently invested in many of the issues surrounding the health of the ocean and its many inhabitants.