Joe McDermott Continues the Tradition & Work of Roy Lichtenstein

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: society6 & lacarpa.tumblr
Roy Lichtenstein brought vintage comic book-style pop art to the masses, and Joe McDermott, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, is so enamored with the late artist’s work that he emulates the prominent art figure's style down to a tee. Using halftones to color images, depicting men and women with retro fashion sensibilities, the inclusion of text boxes and dialogue bubbles, these were all things Lichtenstein was known for and McDermott takes great pride in being able to copy the pop art pioneer's work so well. The resemblance between the two's creations is quite simply uncanny.

Where Joe McDermott and Roy Lichtenstein differ, however, is in the method in which they produce their pieces. Thanks to modern technological conveniences, McDermott is able to render his creations digitally using software and a pen tablet, saving much time and effort.