Selena Wong Renders Ethereal Scenes Trapped Inside Glass Jars

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: selenawong & booooooom
Selena Wong is a Toronto-based illustrator and in her rendered worlds, anything is possible. She specializes in fantasy depictions with nature-inspired motifs, and viewers are often overcome with a sense of euphoria just staring at her work. She’s managed to retain the heart and imagination of a child and it clearly shows in her compositions as youthful subjects and fairytale elements are strongly represented in these images.

In her series entitled ‘Preserved Collection,’ Selena Wong illustrates surreal scenes being encased inside glass jars. From floating miniature sheep to amoeba-like entities, Wong presents viewers with whimsical and highly thought-provoking visuals made using gouache on paper. It’s a bizarre collection that invites interpretation, though it’s outlandish elements will probably leave audiences scratching their heads in confusion more so than nodding their heads in agreement.