Cory Godbey Illustrates Images with Whimsical Character Designs

Cory Godbey is a visionary fantasy illustrator following in the tradition of greats like Hayao Miyazaki. His style is haunting, surreal and lively, and fellow artists will certainly appreciate the way his line work is rich in movement and process. As technically magnificent as he is, what sets Cory Godbey’s work apart from his peers’ is his wondrous concepts, which are highly imaginative and full of youthful wonderment.

For instance, several of Godbey’s illustrations feature a recurring sloth-inspired character that has an entire forest on its back and is approximately the size of a mountain. My initial discovery of this image inspired immense awe. Then there are Godbey’s depictions of female forest spirits and behemoths with glowing eyes that make viewers feel as though they’re kids again, discovering fantastical animated cartoons for the very first time. It’s this kind of power Cory Godbey has over his audiences that makes him such a standout talent.