Lili Ibrahim Gives Cartoony Figures Correct Anatomy

If you adore classic video game characters, but wished they were given a modern or more realistic makeover, look no further than to these Lili Ibrahim illustrations. The likes of Cloud Strife, Ash Ketchum, and characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney have all been re-imagined with anatomically correct proportions and, as you can see for yourself, they look totally badass.

And though Ibrahim made significant changes to each game protagonist, she remains faithful to the essence of these virtual individuals. Just look at Cloud, who now has the appearance of a Hollywood leading man, but retains a ridiculous hairdo evocative of his original character design.

Lili Ibrahim is an up-and-coming illustrator, animator and concept artist based in London. Her ability to render pseudo-real fantasy images makes her a tremendous asset to whatever project she works on.