Artist Jamie Poole Deconstructs Poems into Intimate Depictions of People

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: jamie-poole & thisiscolossal
Jamie Poole could easily be mistaken for a tortured emo soul based solely on his series of portraits created using shredded poetry. Nevertheless, it is the nature of the black and white words that gives his work such a dark vibe. A landscape painter and art teacher first and foremost, Jamie Poole's other artworks have a completely different tone.

Based in the United Kingdom, Jamie Poole was struck with the idea of deconstructing printed poems to create large-scale portraitures out of individual words and phrases when considering "the things that make people who they are come from their experiences of the world around them and the people they meet," as written on his website. Thus, Jamie Poole offers an intimate look into the souls of the people he has created such portraits for.