Native Forest's Organic Young Jackfruit is Branded as a Meat Alternative

There are some vegetables that are commonly used as meat alternatives, but most fruits do not have the taste or texture to be used as believable substitutes—except for jackfruit meat.

To help consumers become aware of jackfruit as a satisfying vegan meat substitute, Native Forest packages its Organic Young Jackfruit by the can and labels it as such. The plain, meaty fruit is highly adaptable, meaning that it can be used in a range of applications, especially as a stand-in for chicken or pork. Like meat, the jackfruit begins to shred as it is cooked, and boasts the ability to take on the flavors of spices, seasonings and sauces of one's choice.

Alongside selling organic jackfruit by the can, Native Forest also sells unseasoned Organic Jackfruit Pieces and Shreds.