Eatwell 101 Turns Fresh Pears into a Crunchy and Healthy Fruit Snack

 - May 15, 2015
References: eatwell101
This recipe for Slow Roasted Pear Chips from the Eatwell 101 blog transforms a healthy fruit snack into one that delivers the same kind of crunch and indulgence as a potato chip.

The recipe calls for just one ingredient, a couple Bartlett pears, which need to be thinly sliced and spread out on a baking sheet before being dried out. Dehydrators are most often used for drying out fruits and vegetables for snacking on, but this roasted chip recipe can be prepared with an oven, so long as you have some time on your hands.

Although classic potato or vegetable chips are typically thought of as a savory snack, the use of pears and a dipping sauce of chocolate transforms this into a sweet recipe that's even upscale enough to be served for dessert.