This Artist Creates Hand-Woven Art that Looks Digitally Created

 - Dec 20, 2015
References: lalaabaddon & design-milk
Artist Lala Abaddon creates beautiful pieces of hand-woven art resembling digitally created graphics. The artwork is so intricately woven together with such vibrant colors and detail that it looks as though it was created on a computer, especially when viewed from a distance. However, when the viewer gets close to the art, the true details can be seen.

The entire process to create each of these artworks takes months. The artist begins with photography, using an analog method and proceeds to print the stills into large formats. The images are then hand cut into hundreds of strips, which are woven together to create perplexing patterns.

The ultimate goal for the hand-woven art is to "evoke a certain feeling in the viewer, examining the relationship between the physical world and the emotional world."