The Greatest Fires in History Brings a Famous Urban Scene to Your Hearth

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: & thedieline
Perhaps enough time has now passed to make The Greatest Fires in History packaging appropriate to most potential consumers. The JWT Amsterdam team worked to enhance the image of boring paraffin blocks with an identity strategy that really engages people.

Each fireplace log has been given one of five wrappers that illustrates one of the best-known blaze-stricken metropolises in world history. Included are the Chicago fire, the burning of Rome, the scorching of London, the incineration of Tokyo and the charring of San Fransisco.

Artistic depictions of those cities' skylines decorate the length of each block within The Greatest Fires in History packaging. They're drawn as they might have looked on those fateful days when arson or accident caused the destruction of so many buildings.