Facebook Spaces VR Will Now Allow Users to Interact with Other Group Members

 - Feb 14, 2018
References: fastcompany & engadget
Facebook Spaces VR recently revamped its social experience with changes made to its groups functions. The VR space was first launched in 2017 and brought VR into the social media space. Facebook Spaces allowed users to interact with family and friends on a VR platform, but with its newest upgrade, the virtual reality environment will now allow users to communicate with people in the same groups as them.

This enhancement to Facebook Spaces VR falls in line with the company's renewed vigor for connection and it hopes that this new feature will improve the ways people connect. By opening up VR environments, users can now form more connections around the world and can better experience virtual reality's social aspects. This venture shows promise in the tech industry, as the VR community now has the backing of a social media giant.

Image Credit: Facebook