Remix's Spirit Cleanse Face Wash Was Inspired by Cleansing the "Shen"

Remix's 'Spirit Cleanse Face Wash' is a unique skincare product inspired by ancient Chinese rituals and medicine, most notably, the practice of cleansing one's "shen"—or emotional weight.

As such, the cleanser includes pearl powder, which is commonly used in Asian cultures to promote a healthy glow. Alongside this ingredient, the product is also packed with the essential oils of tangerine, black spruce, rosemary, as well as blood orange water essence and organic castile soap. As Remix describes: "In Chinese medicine, your spirit 'opens to the face' like a window to your inner soul. Spirit Cleanse is the perfect blend for enhancing beauty from within."

Many consumers are now embracing skincare and beauty products that boast magical branding that conveys the purity, potency and efficacy of natural ingredients that have been revered for centuries. In the case of Remix's Spirit Cleanse Face Wash, the product is even described as a "milky + potent potion."