A Cornell University Professor is Hoping to Create a Dairy By-Product Beer

 - Apr 16, 2018
References: news.cornell.edu & thedrinksbusiness
Assistant professor at Cornell University's Food Science program, Sam Alcaine, is focusing his research to eventually make dairy by-product beer. With his former work as innovation manager at Miller Brewing, Alcaine is hoping to create alcoholic dairy beverages from whey. According to Alcaine, the process he has developed involves the correct mix of time and temperature that leads to the breaking down of lactose into glucose and galactose. This breakdown is still in testing, as multiple factors can change the process, such as the breed of cow.

In early trials, Alcain was able to produce a low-alcohol dairy by-product beer at 2.7% ABV with a sour and salty flavor similar to a Gose beer. Alcain hopes that his research will lead to a new economic arena for entrepreneurs and brewers to explore as consumers grow more demanding of interesting flavors and methods.

Image Credit: Patrick Shanahan/University Photography