The Cradle by Ball-Nogues Studio is an Uncomfortable Place to Lay Your Head

 - May 19, 2011
References: ball-nogues & contemporist
Some see a cradle, others see half an eye, but no matter how you look at the Cradle by Ball-Nogues Studio, you are guaranteed to be impressed. The hammock-like massive metal structure is undeniably eye-catching.

The design was commissioned by the city of Santa Monica and is located on the outside of a shopping mall. Set in a busy, bustling part of town, the structure receives plenty of traffic and strange looks as many people aren't too sure what to make of these large steel balls. It's almost tempting to take one of them and start playing a giant pinball game.

Cradle by Ball-Nogues Studio is whatever you want it to be and offers a variety of perspectives. Either way, the design puts a creative spin on what can be done with massive metal orbs.