Cassidy Creates a Video for His Condom Style Song

 - Jan 13, 2013
Posted by Aids Health YouTube channel, this is the video for Cassidy's Condom Style song.

The Philly rapper made headlines in late 2012 for his remix of the wildly popular Gangnam Style, which promoted safe sex practices. The song drew mocking jabs from some rappers, but ultimately landed Cassidy an endorsement deal for condoms. Now this video for his Condom Style song plugs several safe sex advocacy groups such as and

The video itself shows Cassidy standing on top of a transport truck which is covered in safe sex messaging. Groups of volunteers walk down the streets of Hollywood with baskets full of condoms as Cassidy performs his verses along on rooftops and in front of billboards. So far, this video has over 70, 000 views in one day.