True Westfjords' 'Dropi' Reintroduces an Age-Old Nutritional Supplement

 - Nov 4, 2016
References: & trndmonitor
People have been using anti-inflammatory cod liver oil to bolster their immune systems for centuries, but True Westfjords is making the age-old remedy seem fresh to the modern consumer with contemporary packaging.

'Dropi' is a pure and natural cod liver oil that's less processed than commercially produced fish and cod liver oils. To reflect its cold processed state, the oil is branded as a virgin oil.

One of the most interesting things about Dropi is that the Vitamins A and D included may vary from season to season, because the oil is collected in its natural state from the North-Atlantic Ocean. Dropi's natural cod liver oil is however preserved with a combination of rosemary and Vitamin E and bottled in a dark brown glass to protect the oil from light.