CocoTherapy Makes Vegetable, Fruit and Coconut Chips for Dogs

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: cocotherapy
CocoTherapy's chips for dogs are made with dehydrated ingredients that are rich in benefits for canine companions. The raw and vegan varieties include CocoTherapy Veggie Crunch, Fruit Crunch and Coconut Chips, which are ideal sources of dietary fiber, low-calorie snacks and support a strong immune system. In the fruit and vegetable mixes, items like peas, beans, sweet potatoes, mangoes and bananas are used.

As well as being able to purchase each individual chip types on their own, consumers may also order the Power Treat Pack from CocoTherapy to receive all three dehydrated chip flavors.

As the health movement has inspired many people to adopt better eating habits, these consumers with pets have learned to seek out products for their pets that contain the same kind of healthy ingredients that they would eat themselves.