This Child Obesity Ad Comes from Surlat Milk

 - Jan 13, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
"Don’t let fat stop your children’s dreams," is the tagline to this child obesity ad from Surlat Milk.

The ads are animated snapshots of children sleeping. Aside from the child sleeping, the ads also include an image which represents the children's career dreams. However, the person meant to represent the child as an adult is too overweight to function in the role they are dreaming about. The message here is clearly that if parents don't feed their children the proper nutrition, they will become too unhealthy to live out their dreams in their chosen profession.

One image shows a boy firefighter trying to slide down a fire pole. Unfortunately, he's too overweight so he can't get through the hole. The female version of the ads shows a princess on a horse, but due to her weight, the horse is crushed.