From Modern Beer Exhibits to At-Home Microbrewery Kits

 - Apr 28, 2015
These educational beer innovations range from contemporary beer exhibits to at-home microbrewery kits that will appeal to fine beverage connoisseurs. Fans of craft beer are bound to learn a thing or two from these guides, books and museum exhibitions. While the Stockholm Spritmuseum celebrates Sweden's beer history, Ciclismo Classico's Bike and Beer package lets cyclists experience Belgium's gorgeous scenery and award-winning brews.

Other standouts include craft beer subscriptions that deliver local flavors to one's door along with beer-tasting apps and beer measuring tools that are designed to educate craft beer newbies about the beverage making process.

These beer innovations aim to teach one about the art of the perfect brew and give one an enjoyable learning experience that is related to their favorite alcoholic beverage.