Beerology Offers Tasting Sessions and Workshops on the Brewed Beverage

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: facebook & beerology
Based in Toronto, Mirella Amato runs a beer consulting business aptly titled Beerology. A longtime beer fan, Amato seeks to develop the same kind of love and appreciation that exists around wine for beer.

As described on her website, Amato is determined not to provide individuals with beer recommendations, but to teach them the tools necessary to make such assertions themselves and in return, help them find their own preferences.

Offering guided tasting sessions and workshops, Beerology sessions both promote local beers, provide education and stimulate conversation and encourage community.

As the craft beer movement continues to grow and the average beer drinker's palate expands, the view of beer as a specialty drink with a full appreciation for the complexities contained in each brew is sure to grow with it.