The Craft Beerds Book Delivers the Manliest Wisdom

If there is a more manly thing in the world than a beer guidebook filled with beards, I have never seen it and I question its existence. The Craft Beerds Book is the holy grail of manly, beer-related advice.

While many men think they are the authority on good beer, there is a whole world of hops-filled delight in the world yet to be uncovered. This book exposes these different beers, while also giving information about each. Over 100 beers are represented in the book so there is no shortage of beer knowledge in this manly manual.

The thing that puts this beer guidebook over the top though is the pages dedicated to beard innovations and visionaries. Yes Abraham Lincoln was an amazing President for many things but his beard may be close to the top of that list, according to this book at least.