Japan's Machi Machi Serves Unique Beverages Like 'Wildberry Cheese Tea'

 - Jun 14, 2019
References: japantimes.co.jp
Until it opens its permanent location in Japan, cheese tea shop Machi Machi is currently running a pop-up that offers a preview of the innovative cheese teas that it will be serving at the new space. The shop is known for its cold tea beverages that are topped with milk and a floating layer of cream cheese foam.

Machi Machi treats people in Japan to flavors like the sweet Iron Buddha Oolong Cheese Tea and the Wildberry Cheese Tea, which boasts well-balanced flavors that are both sweet and tart.

Consumers are gravitating towards texture-rich snacks and drinks, and the craving for multi-sensorial eating experiences is absolutely satisfied by the foamy, savory, sweet and slightly salty taste of flavored cheese teas.