- Jul 14, 2019
As do all round-ups in this category, the July 2019 unique list features some outlandish, inventive, and surprising ideas.

This month, Feltman’s of Coney Island pushes the boundaries and aesthetics of the food industry with a gigantic 66-pound hot dog. A publicity stunt of sorts, this bold creation is bound to mind-boggle all foodies alike. The initiative was aiming to break a Guinness World Record as the establishment claims to have invented the original hot dog in 1867.

Food also is embraced through the lens of fashion, as the July 2019 unique round-up calls attention to a McDonald's-inspired haute couture runway for Vetements' Spring/Summer 2020 presentation. In the design world, on the other hand, Fernando Laposse utilizes the husks of heirloom corn to create one-of-a-kind marquetry patterns that will push the agenda of circular economy forward.

From Pool Noodle Furniture to Steak-Infused Ice Cream Desserts: