Gourmet Grubb Launched Dairy-Free & High Protein EntoMilk Frozen Desserts

 - Jun 13, 2019
References: gourmetgrubb & recipes.howstuffworks
Gourmet Grubb is launching a delicious insect-based ice cream made from EntoMilk.

Gourmet Grubb's insect-based ice cream is ideal for individuals looking for a sustainable and dairy-free frozen dessert. The EntoMilk is produced from black soldier fly larvae and is five times higher in protein than standard milk. The flies are raised on a farm where they are sterilized before use. The ice cream has no discernable insect parts and uses honey as a sweetener. The desert is flavorful and one study found the insect-based ice cream scored higher on a taste test than its traditional ice cream competitors.

As the earth's population is expected to increase, many businesses and communities will be looking for innovative and sustainable food sources.

Image Credits: Gourmet Grub