Bryan Ku's Pasta Packaging Serves Up Proper Portions

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: bryanku & lovelypackage
The nutritional information on the back of a box will tell you what the brand recommends as a serving size -- often an underestimate to make the product appear healthier. Bryan Ku's pasta packaging approaches appropriate portions in a more practical way and actually aids the cook in food preparation with measuring cups worked into each canister.

Each receptacle takes a cylindrical form but the penne and farfalle cartons have caps that double as gauges. From the principle container, you pour the sculpted noodles into the lid until they meet the top. Each capful is one serving. Spaghetti, however, is a little trickier to dispense in this way. In this case, Bryan Ku's pasta packaging incorporates a turning top to release a limited bunch of sticks from a small opening.