'Brew Tender' Sends Craft Beers Based on Consumers' Tastes

 - Dec 13, 2017
References: brewtender.strikingly & producthunt
The craft beer industry is massive, but it often feels as though one needs a certain degree of expertise in order to appreciate the beer to its fullest; with Brew Tender, consumers can leave the expertise to the experts and instead simply enjoy delicious craft beer. The subscription service send consumers monthly beer shipments based on a taste profile quiz designed to help the pros understand the beers that will work best with any consumer's palate.

Recognizing that most consumers have a limited knowledge of the different kinds of beers available to them, Brew Tender's taste quiz instead asks consumers about a topic they're surely more familiar with: food. By understanding consumers' tastes in food, Brew Tender can send beers that pair well with those dishes.