Quilmes' 'Peanut Thingy' Helps Consumers Easily Enjoy Beer and Peanuts

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: quilmes.ar & adsoftheworld
In Argentina, it's common to see people pairing beer and peanuts, which is why fans of the country's most popular beer, Quilmes, created a handy cup for stacking a snack on top of the beer can.

In response to the viral fan-created idea, Quilmes decided to make an official version of its own. Distributing 'The Peanut Thingy' became a full-blown campaign, which was meant to give back to the people of the Internet who created this genius idea.

In order to receive a Peanut Thingy of their own, social media users were asked to share a GIF with the brand that expressed their feelings towards the inventive cup attachment. The social media post received in more than 15,000 retweets as part of the campaign and in return, Quilmes got back over 1,000 GIFs from passionate fans.