This Barclays Mortgage Commercial Puts a Fun Spin on a Tough Subject

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: barclays & rushes
The new Barclays Mortgage commercial adds a furry spin on a sensitive subject. Talking mortgages is a tough topic and looking for a mortgage provider is even tougher. By having a hamster discussing the benefits of ‘Barclays,’ it makes it a much easier process.

Having a hamster talking about mortgages distracts you from the subject at hand. How could you not enjoy watching this commercial? You get to see a hamster run around on a wheel, pop its head over the glass trying to escape, or seeing a whole litter of hamsters playing around in the woodchips.

Other companies can take a tip from this commercial. When it comes to topics people like to avoid such as mortgage or insurance, it can be extremely beneficial to distract the viewer by something cute and cuddly.