Bar Mezzana's Avocado Toast Cocktail Has Kale and Spiced Breadcrumbs

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: esquire & bonappetit
Jokes about avocado toast may have finally blown over, but Bar Mezzana is still clinging to the punchline with its avocado toast cocktail. Known as the 'Smoothie Moves,' this strange, but delicious cocktail, is a wonderful blend of avocados, vodka, a syrup made from kale and spiced breadcrumbs. The cocktail is absolutely striking in appearance, as the deep green liquid rests in an elegant coupe glass.

The avocado toast cocktail may sound like an ill-fated concoction, but the actual product is delightful and refreshing. Avocado and kale are not the dominant flavors in the drink, though a slight pleasant bitterness is given by the greens, as the sweet and sour notes of lime juice are the main focus. The use of Prairie Organic Vodka and avocado gives the cocktail a creaminess which is then contrasted by the crunch of the breadcrumb rim.