Re-Imagine Communities with this Matthew Mazzotta Contraption

 - Dec 28, 2012
References: matthewmazzotta & psfk
Artist Matthew Mazzotta re-imagines how communities engage with one another through the creation of social spaces made out of inanimate objects.

‘Looking for a Landscape’ is one of his structures, which is look as a utility box but that has handles so that it can be unfolded to create seating on city streets. Amidst the seating, there are a pair of binoculars that can be used to experience everyday events through a different perspective. ‘Steeped in Exploration’ is another one of his exhibits, which is shaped as a large coconut that can be unfolded and transformed into public seating. His intent is to have the community gather together while having tea and to engage in an open dialogue discussing the current way we live our lives and try to envision other ways to recreate the world around us

Artist Matthew Mazzotta and his work raises awareness and motivates exploration about the environment and the social interactions created in society today.