Alex Chinneck Challenges the Perspective of Common Objects

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: alexchinneck & visualnews
While some artists strive to show the many sides of everyday objects in their natural form, Alex Chinneck has decided to go above and beyond by manipulating these existing structures in mind-bending ways. Working with such ordinary materials as brick, motar and glass, he completely changes the commonly held perspective of existing structures including chimneys, warehouse windows and more.

Based in the United Kingdom, Alex Chinneck is seen to concentrate mainly on industrial sites and objects. Oftentimes, his titles question the meaning of his work. For instance, Telling the Truth Truth Through False Teeth revolves around shattered window panes. Although this is a normal find in industrial environments, the identical nature of these broken windows is not. Alex Chinneck effectively leaves questions in the air to stimulate the minds of his audience.