Jeff Goldblum Teaches People How to Pretend to Like Unwanted Gifts

Jeff Goldblum appears in this Christmas ad for Currys PC and gives acting advice to a wife who is unhappy about her husband's gift to her. The scene unfolds in a typical family home, until Goldblum barges in the house. Goldblum then swaps places with the wife and shows her how to hide her disappointment while opening an unwanted gift. Goldblum goes on to make an overly dramatic and emotional reaction as he pretends to open a present he may not like.

Each of the five ad spots follow the same narrative, with Goldblum entering to resolve awkward familial Christmas moments. In each commercial, Goldblum's acting advice is to pretend that they are opening something they like. Each suggestion he makes happens to be products available at Currys PC, like a Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine.