The Flame3D Bicycle Demonstrates the Efficacy Of 3D Printing Technologies

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: & newatlas
A group by the name of Flame3D, which is dedicated to showcasing and exploring the efficacy of 3D-printing technologies in a variety of contexts, has developed a wonderfully innovative 3D-printed bicycle that is designed to offer a supremely solid balance between speed, weight and ruggedness.

The so-called Flame3D bicycle features a special frame that is constructed from 3D-printed polymer materials, with other polymer components including the wheels, handlebar stem and levers, which are designed to offer superior reliability than aluminum counterparts. The bicycle also features a carbon composite shell, while the other functional elements of the bicycle are designed to stay true to the balance between performance and ruggedness.

This particular 3D-printed bicycle is a great example of the superior performance that can be attained by leveraging innovative use of materials as well as construction technologies.