From the 1940s 'A Ride of Death' Ad is a Bike Hazard Warning Ad

Seeing as modern day safety regulations and advertisements don't seem to be helping a whole lot in sidewalk safety precautions it's time for a blast from the past with these 1940s "A Ride of Death" propaganda posters. Depicted above are a range of old fashioned, straight-forward, solemn (I bet you can hear the man with the deep voice narrating the scene too) advertisements that tell miniature stories of schmucks that did not follow necessary safety protocols when commuting.

The pictures are not particularly gory but still do have audiences anticipating the accidents and feeling slightly unsettled when finished looking at them. The pictures are shown mostly in two toned colors with the only vivid color being skin tone. Just like the army propaganda of the 1940s these advertisements are very simple and depend just as much on the narration as they do on the actual picture.