- Oct 27, 2013
These weird ice cream flavors are definitely a step up from a boring vanilla ice cream cone. There are some unusual mixes like cookie dough and pistachio that may seem adventurous to some, but these flavors have nothing on ice creams inspired by seafood or items on the breakfast table.

These novel twists to the classic summer treat bring out flavors that are savory and even a little unexpected. Instead of using traditionally sweet flavors, some weird ice cream flavors are being fused with dinner meals like spaghetti and fish. Creations like these may just make you want to hold your nose, but there's no flavor a mountain of sweet ice cream toppings can't overpower.

Some of these ice creams seem quite normal in appearance, which would be quite a surprise if you were expecting a light green tea flavor and your tastebuds were shocked with the taste of wasabi instead.

From Bird-Flavored Ice Cream to Stringy Pasta Ice Cream: