This 19th Century-Inspired Couture Goes Way Beyond Retro

 - Apr 17, 2012
The term "retro" does not truly capture the depth of these Victorian looks. Couture and editorials inspired by the aesthetic sensibilities of the 20th century are one thing; reaching over a hundred years back in time to an era without cars, telephones and refrigerators for inspiration is quite another.

People lived much more austerely in the 19th century than they do now. Compared to the contemporary era, there were few creature comforts. The clothing of the Victorians, in many ways, reflects the lives these people led. Adjectives like restrained, dark and dour come to mind. Even their underwear was rigid; corsets may be elegant and feminine; they may even be sexy, but they are rarely if ever comfortable.

Modern fashion designers have drawn much inspiration from the Victorian period yet have relaxed some of its more severe aspects. The resulting look is defined, dark and sharp.