My Daguerreotype Boyfriend Tumblr Looks at Men from the Past

The 'My Daguerreotype Boyfriend' Tumblr site is a good way to get your eyeful of man candy with a vintage twist.

Each of the My Daguerreotype Boyfriend photos comes with a caption that explains who exactly this person is. Some are famous, some are not and some are unknown altogether, but almost all of them give viewers an eyeful of Victorian good looks. One photo on the site showcases Robert Cornelius, the original daguerreotype boyfriend, as he was one of the first persons to be photographed by the daguerreotype film.

The site is a historical way of checking out the men of the 1800s. From mutton chops to magnificently slicked-back hair, the men of My Daguerreotype Boyfriend happen to be seriously dapper and would give any 21st century male a run for his money.