- Apr 6, 2008
Fancy a round of underwater golf? What about eating in an underwater restaurant? We've done an underwater trends feature before, but we have so much more to add to the list!

Underwater activities are no longer limited to submarines, snorkeling or diving. With advancements in technology, a rise in the quest for thrilling experiences and new demands from adrenaline junkies, a wide range of unique activities are taking place under the sea.

One aesthetic, less dangerous activity is underwater fashion photography. People like Peter de Mulder, whose latest series is titled "Water Proof," are going underwater to shoot commercial and fashion campaigns. Water Proof features beautiful images like a ballerina swimming in a lagoon in the Indian Ocean; even more mesmerizing is the "making of" video on his site.

Check out some of the most offbeat things that are going on in this fascinating, aquatic world...

Top 29 Underwater Innovations, From Deep Sea Golf To Fashion Photography :