World's 1st Self-Sustaining Underwater Habitat

 - Jun 28, 2007   Updated: May 11 2011
References: telegraph
Lloyd Godson from Australia spent almost two weeks in a cabin under a lake with his food and drinks being brought to him by divers. Godson was able to ride a bike to generate electricity and use algae to produce oxygen. After 12 days in world's first self-sustaining underwater cabin, the 29-year-old adventurer also became the winner of a $40,000 competition organized by Australian Geographic magazine.

Implications - Lloyd Godson definitely had to work to get that prize money and even had to deal with some really gross smells. The breathing air that was provided by algae had to be soaked with Godson's own urine. It must have smelt absolutely awful for those 12 days! One of the main reasons Godson took on this journey was to "shed light on the practical and psychological challenges of living in an alien environment."