Shuffle Watersport Bundle

 - Dec 18, 2007
References: h2oaudio
When people begun saying, 'Music is everywhere', Apple decided to take it seriously. They realized how music lovers were not actually able to be enjoyed it everywhere yet; it surely wasn't capable of going deep under water... until now.

The Shuffle Watersport Bundle includes a 1GB shuffle (Silver), iS2 Waterproof Case, H3 Waterproof Headphones and Pro Sport Armband and sold for $159.99. Quite expensive, but it's all worthy enough.

Once again the amazing brand set the bar even higher by inventing this useful gadget for swimmers around the world. Now they can listen to their favorite playlists while doing sports, just like any other athletes.

One thing should be remembered when you are using this is: do not use the device with you when you are swimming in the ocean. It has nothing to do with attracting sharks, but you can be an easy target if you become much too relaxed and don't realize what dangers may be lurking.