From Classic Black Turtlenecks to Leather Turtleneck Dresses

 - Dec 21, 2012
Winter is the perfect time of year to dig into your turtleneck sweater collection. Turtleneck sweaters are one of those pieces of clothing that you either love or hate. Those that "do" turtlenecks hold a certain affinity for their extra high collared tops. Those on the other side simply can't fit turtleneck sweaters into their look.

However, fashion preferences aside, turtlenecks are great for winter weather simply for their functional design. The classic black turtleneck is a formal way of fitting in a turtleneck. It's simple and can be worn underneath a blazer. For ladies, there are partial turtlenecks that cover your neck but are cut near the mid-chest area. There are even all-leather turtleneck dresses if you're looking for something more extreme.