Versace Fall 2009 Fashion Keeps It Classy, But a Bit Too Clean

 - Jan 21, 2009
If your date is dressed in the clothes from the Versace Fall 2009 menswear show, I don’t recommend taking him for a crab dinner… or for soup… or any food for that matter. While stunning, the Versace fall 2009 menswear collection was so white, there’s no way a man could engage in normal day-to-day activities and keep his head-to-toe white outfit looking pristine.

The pieces on their own are beautiful, the collection sophisticated, the crisp whites being of the same stuff dreams of hunk-sailed yachts are made of.

The second half of the collection was less sensitive. It contained darker pieces, and one of the most recurring features was the turtleneck collar.

Click through the gallery for our top 10 picks from the Versace Fall 2009 menswear show.