From Inside-Out Bears to Posh Plaid Plushies

 - Jul 22, 2012
In celebration of the recently released and widely well-recieved Ted movie, these adorable teddy toys will make you smile even wider in nostalgia.

Way back when, life used to be a lot simpler -- there was no worrying about debt, jobs, relationships or what to put as your next profile picture. You could cuddle up with your teddy and life was good. Previously only variable in size, color and facial expression, teddy bears now come in a variety of configurations and applications. There is such a thing as a teddy bear jacket (so that you are clad in a mountain of stuffed toys), a massive knitted bear exhibit, bear speakers and fresh bear sneakers.

As the amount of choice give to consumers grows increasingly long, everything from fashion to technology will have to differentiate themselves in some way.