From Hilarious Senior Bloggers to Hot Hipster Mermaids

 - Apr 25, 2011
If you're a social media addict, you probably have a tumblr blog. But, how good is it? Because these 50 Terrific Tumblr Sites are outrageous, hilarious, sweet or just plain interesting.

If you're new to the Tumblr game, then you'll definitely draw some inspiration here. Check out how these bloggers have successfully gained a lot attention through their photobombing skills. One key factor in running a super rad tumblelog is finding a niche concept. And it seems that the wackier the subject, the better. Take for example, the brutal braces blogs or bizarre sharktography. I don't have to describe to you what they're all about, but they sure do sound interesting, right?

Explore this list of 50 Terrific Tumblr Sites. I guarantee you that at least one of them will become your favorite go-to site.