The Hippy Kitchens Photo Tumblr is Full of ‘60s Kitsch

 - Jul 15, 2010   Updated: May 31 2011
References: hippykitchen.tumblr & cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress
Hippy Kitchens is a collection of food-centric photographs, with a bohemian twist. The photos in the Tumblr range from geeky to nostalgic to melancholicâ€"and everything in between.

Food is what brings us together, and the Hippy Kitchens photoblog conveys our relationship with food through old-school snapshots of the way we used to eatâ€"before fast food and drive-thrus became ubiquitous. I'll eat to that.

Implications - In a society increasingly influenced by unconventional, bohemian style, products and brands that specifically appeal to this free-spirited segment of society will draw the interest of these contrarians. Part of bohemian style is about being non-traditional or unorthodox, and if they feel like a company or product has genuinely made an effort to reach out to them, they are likely to feel good about supporting them fiscally.